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какая кииииииииииииииисаааа!!! тоже хочу!
Mania - 29 August '07 - 18:01

that is you face pictured twice, crossover mirroring...
somehow there is a cat between it...

i forward U a kiss, since we didnīt see us for a long time.
Mannheim was great,
How was Moscow?
dulcenia - 29 August '07 - 22:02

You will have the pleasure of meeting my mirror image in Nuremberg, in a few weeks.
Moscow was and is great, but I am tired of it. Too many people, too much fear and sorrow in them. You can literally smell the fear and uncertainity. It's everywhere on the streets. So I was staying at home for the last few days. It's where the flavour is.
see zou soon,
reebee - 31 August '07 - 02:27

ok, i know waht U mean. Thatsīwhy I try to avoid this city, and actually the whole country. I donīt trust people, the warden and the ruler. I donīt like the entire atmosphere of new kapitalizm - it is a great example of destroying ethical basis during a couple of year of uncertinaty and anarchy. The times turned to be better, but people are still decaing - acting beiing modern capitalistic society memembers... Somehow they did some steps backwards, back to the animalistic conditions of a jungl.

However, on Saturday i will leave Nbg for a monthly stay in London. I will be back on the 6th of Oktober.

Letsī stay in touch in this manner,
dulce - 03 September '07 - 13:29

finally, is it Victoria R. on the picture?
dulce - 03 September '07 - 13:30

It is Masha on the picture. In times of alienation she is the one, who is flirting with the cashiers in shops and bus drivers and smiling at everyone in this sea of fear. Never thought, someone like this could exist.
But you can touch her hair in October, when she will visit Germany with me. In Nuremberg and Karlsruhe and everywhere.
Have a good time in London, the capital of Paris.
reebee - 05 September '07 - 02:40